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Winning Templates & Free Resume Builder to Outshine Competitors

Employers spend an average of 11 seconds before throwing a resume away. To capture their attention, hold it, and ensure your resume stands out among hundreds of other candidates, you need templates that stand out.

What makes you any different?

Finding the job you want takes effort; you need proven strategies. And search experience.

It’s even harder when you’re educated, well-spoken, and have impeccable credentials—but potential employers don’t call you for a job interview.

With fierce competition among thousands of potential candidates, what makes you any different?

Online Resume Builder
Best Online resume builder - CVJury

Unlock Your Competitive Edge with a Powerful Unique Value Proposition

How you communicate your unique value proposition to recruiters sets you apart from the crowd. Does your resume or cover letter leave a lasting impression?

Craft your professional narrative in a way that resonates with recruiters, and you can secure any job you desire. At CVJury, we specialize in creating resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that captivate employers.

Getting Started is Easy!

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ARE YOU AN Experienced Professional?

Resumes for Managers—Steer Your Leadership Story

Are you an experienced professional (with 3-10+ years post-graduation work experience), manager, mid-manager, or aspiring manager looking to change jobs or seek new opportunities? 

With years of expertise in your space, demonstrating your past achievements through KPIs and soft skills will be essential to securing a higher-tier position with your desired company.

ARE YOU an experienced or recent GRAD?

Resumes for Graduates—Unearth Your True Potential

Showcasing your academic and professional achievements in a way that makes a company see you as an invaluable asset to their organization will make you their priority.
Online resume builder - CVJury
Online Resume Builder - For everyone
ARE YOU An Undergraduate or ANOther student?

Resumes for Students—Boost Your Future Career

Looking for a job to make some extra cash, invest in school, or apply to an internship to get your foot in the door? 

With minimal experience, it’s about showcasing your skillset so employers see your best qualities and true potential.

Cutting-Edge Application Tools to Get Recognized

Use AI to get ahead and showcase your best foot forward with these apps

CVJury Resume Builder

You don’t have to type too many words to get the first draft of your resume. Let artificial intelligence do it for you, then pick a template that matches your resume and get invited to more job interviews.

Cover Letter Builder

Showcase your personality and best features. Our 16 proven cover letter styles and 40+ templates help you do exactly that.

CVJury LinkedIn Profile Builder

Create an engaging profile that gets you more visibility than other candidates so that recruiters prioritize your application.

CVJury Scanner

Forget about sending your resume to every company blindly. Instead, instantly find the ideal job to match your skills and exponentially increase your success rate.

CVJury Review Service

Get a quick scan or thorough resume/cover letter review from our career specialists, ensuring every word is maximized. The result is more interviews, less competition, and more peace of mind.


Leverage smart AI to make the writing process a whole lot easier. Get informed suggestions for the highest converting words/phrases to engage recruiters in what you have to say.

CVJury CV Builder

Browse over 40 CV templates to create your best CV yet. Or use a blank template to create your style.

See The Difference An Expert’s Reviews Make

Using our Resume Plus Review Services (RPRS), we help make the best representation of you—increasing the likelihood of getting more interview invites.


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Premium Resume Writing & Editing Services

Premium Online Resume Builder

Get resume writing and consultation with our Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRWs). Do you need to write a powerful resume/cover letter from scratch? 

Or refine an existing one? Experts are ready to help make you a top-tier candidate in your niche.

What Users Say About Us?

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I recently used CVJury's service and was thoroughly impressed. Their feedback was detailed, pinpointing grammatical and formatting errors, while emphasizing the importance of achievement-based language. The advice about having both standard and ATS-compliant resume versions was invaluable. This insight will greatly improve my job application approach. I now feel better equipped to make my resume stand out. I'd highly recommend CVJury to friends and family for a resume that truly makes an impact.
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CVJury's approach goes beyond mere formatting. Their emphasis on the language of achievement and providing a comparative enhanced version truly sets them apart. This service is a must for anyone serious about their career.
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Their customer service is topnotch and they definitely know what their doing
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Awesome!! Great review and suggestion, I see now my CV in different way professionally.
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I used CVJury for my CV review and was impressed by their thorough feedback. They highlighted overlooked grammar errors, stressed the need for formatting consistency, and pointed out issues with using the language of achievement in bullet points, etc. Thanks a lot. I'm now more confident in my job applications. Highly recommended!

Expert Reviews

Get an industry-specific expert resume review

A professional set of eyes on your resume can make the difference between you becoming a top 1% candidate and one that gets lost in the pile of endless resumes. 

Want your resume to stand out? Then everything must be perfect—just like Allie’s resume, in which we identified over 39 mistakes. Within minutes, he had a new resume that was ready to shine.

Get Your Desired Job

Let’s turn your dream job into a reality

Until now, you’ve likely not been recognized for your true potential. It’s time to make an impact and get in front of the right employers who will appreciate your value. 

You’re much closer to your dream job than you realize. It’s time to ignite your engine and let your professional career soar – with a little extra help.

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Online Resume Builder FAQs

In most countries, people use the two words interchangeably. There are no hard-and-fast rules about their usage.

Firstly, however, the differences are the content and the format. 

Whether you’re amending or writing a new resume, by common practice, a resume is a one-page document. CVs can be more.

 When preparing a CV, you need to present a complete work history. 

The same goes for academic credentials. You list the history of your academic credentials in a CV, so it will generally be longer than a resume.

A resume, on the other hand, must be concise. You only list the relevant qualifications for a particular position.

 A resume is competency-based while a CV is credential-based.

In all, these terms are used interchangeably in most countries and there no hard-and-fast rules governing them.

Deciding whether to create a resume or a CV will depend on the nature of the position. Create a resume when applying for jobs in the private/public sector or a non-profit.

Conversely, for grant applications, fellowships, academic jobs, it would be best to create a CV. Yet, it’s your professional experience that will count more eventually.

Both can use any template from our 40 template samples. To create an exceptional resume or CV, choose any one template you love and get started on our resume builder. Land your dream job faster.

Use our ATS resume scanner to optimise your resume. 

Here’s why we believe CVJury is the best free online resume builder that hiring managers love.

  1. Best Free Online Resume Builder. A live editor does the heavy lifting. You can choose from 40 proven resume templates and the right resume format or start with a blank template.

    Add your details and job title; use our pre-written bullet points to complete your resume on our free online resume builder fast.

  2. Professional cover letter designs: The cover letter creator is easy to use; with just a few clicks.
  3. LinkedIn Profile Builder: After you’re done using the resume maker (or whether you used the cover letter builder first), CVJury offers a LinkedIn Profile Maker to help you create your LinkedIn summary and headline.
  4. Free resume scanner: You can optimise your resume to match the job posting by adding soft and hard skills, ATS best practices, and ‘sales index’ recommended terms. Beat the applicant tracking system.

Save time sending your job applications out with our professional resume builder. You can choose your professional resume template, use our cover letter templates and builder, LinkedIn profile creator, and resume scanner (free).

Start building yours now! Select the right format from our 40 resume designs and follow our expert advice! With a few clicks, you do everything perfectly if you follow all our expert tips. Top companies will be looking to interview you.

We can’t wait to hear the good news that you landed your new job soon.

CVJury Resume generator allows you to create a professional-looking resume for free.

Your free version enjoys all the privileges such as no restrictions on our 40 perfect resume templates one or two pages.

Just add your name, contact info, profile summary, work history and any other personal preference.

Choose from 40 resume templates. Our free online resume builder will guide you through each step.

You can download the final resume in MS Word or PDF file format and send it to your email.

Yes. Our resume maker dashboard handles your upgrades. Click on the “Upgrade” button in your account dashboard. Choose your new bundle and buy.

Then, to expedite things, email us your previous receipt at [else, we will access the receipt from our server].

We will process your previous purchase’s refund. Meanwhile, CVJury Online Resume Builder stores your existing resume on its secure server.

Immediately you finish creating your document, you can download your resume as .docx (Microsoft Word), PDF, .txt, or forward it to our reviewer directly from your dashboard.

Here’s our must-read article: how to write a resume like a guru.

The CVJury Resume Builder team has total confidence in the professional templates and the resume generator we’ve built.

So, we’re convinced that you may get multiple interviews after using our resume maker.

We have testimonials from using our modern templates that have landed thousands of job seekers new roles.

We know there is virtually ZERO RISK of you failing to land interviews.

More so, because you will not move to the payment segment of the resume maker until what you had written using our professional resume maker is satisfactory to you, the financial risk is almost zero.

And you can always come back to edit your template (and download another template) as you wish.

In the unlikely event that our matching resume and cover letter don’t get you interviews, email us at

The CVJury Resume Builder team will do what we’ve always done – support you until you get the outcome we’ve specifically stated, which is interviews – no hassles, no hard feelings.

Build a professional resume and land your dream job with CVJury.

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The .docx, PDF, and TXT file formats are the best for your resume, especially if you're uploading it to companies' portals. Some file types can cause errors in Applicant Tracking System; for example, avoid JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG file formats.